Expanded Media 

anna sprague

Winter 2020

This foundation-level class teaches students to challenge the boundaries of conventional art categories. Through studio assignments, this course introduces diverse means-such as printed matter, digital media, audio, video, and performance-that have been used to transgress artistic limits. In addition, students are encouraged to experiment with interdisciplinary approaches to practices within and beyond artistic and academic disciplines.

MDIA -1000-1

Jehkio Bean-Lightbourne

Kian Bridger

Ziyang Bu

Lucy Carver-Brennan

Lyla Gallaro

Ang Giordani

Celeste Lee

Hannah Melanson

Chris Mendonca

Noah Parsons

Tea Stewart

Matteo Robinson

thumbnail_credit Jehkio Bean-Lightbourne

MDIA -1000-2 

Soleil Babcock-Suggitt

Paisley Ennis

Diana Gonzalez-Savary

Courtney Greene

Manani Jones - Lamont

Laura Lima Nishida

Kai Lovlin

Marvin Martin

Michelle Murphy

Noah Patey

Arin Rains

Shelby Ryan

Jeremie Simon

Mariah Sunday

Esly Tan

Xinyu Wang

Kyanna Wilkinson

Lumeng Yang

Fionn Heron 

thumbnail_credit Courtney Green .png

S                 L                 O                 W   


‘inefficiency’, under capitalism, is never a strategy and always occurs in error. Inefficiency is an inaccuracy, an incompetence, a queer calculation, an irrational movement of the body requiring to be made streamlined, time-saving and labour-saving. […] a practice of ‘radical inefficiency’ is a practice of multiple temporalities, of accidents and wastefulness, of unpredictability, of slow processes amid fast actions. 


Rowan Lear, Towards radical inefficiency: autonomy, overwork and resistance in artistic labour

Essay commissioned and published in artist-led journal Doggerland, Issue 4, 2017.



In lieu of our originally intended live     S       L      O     W     movement performance, this collaborative video explores ideas of radical slowness, social isolation, and connectivity amidst a global pandemic.  

For this group project, we used an “exquisite corpse” call/response approach to perform collaboratively within a virtual sphere.  Each artist, before passing the video file along to the next contributor, had 24 hours to create a one minute video in response to the last 5 seconds of footage sent to them.  The end result is a compilation of intertwined reflections that express a heightened awareness of our bodies in space and a deeper understanding of ordered time as a construct.