Interdisciplinary: Language Into Art

Jan Peacock

Winter 2020

This studio class explores the conceptual skills involved in the use of language in the making and meaning of images, objects and actions. Students will examine contemporary art practices and critical and theoretical writing, and will work across media on studio projects.


Catriona Iozzo

Per Sempre


Gloves to handle precious notes and keepings, gloves to perform and dance in, gloves to get dressed and undressed, gloves to open cards and open holes between walls. Mesh on the body ​in doss are​ bunches at the biceps and lets the hair poke through, it is shed skin when pulled off and tossed to the floor after a long day. I put gloves on, I move and I handle, I take gloves off, I shed and I toss. I’m doing this all per sempre and sometimes I’m doing it per la serpente.


Claudia Manco



Sometimes it becomes impossible to keep up with your art practice at a time without hope and strength. So, I decided to stop creating. By refusing to it, I found myself in the repetitive, predictable practice: a ritual of engraving a small sentence to detach myself from a place of hurt. Aiming the spiral will end. 


Lily Stover

In The Past (No Signal) 


This video, shot with a Pixelvision camera, attempts to replace and dispose of an indistinct past - casting memory into a barely legible distance. 

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Wren Tian-Morris

Queer Scouts


The Queer Scouts is an ongoing exploration of scouts culture that began out of inspiration drawn from Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan's Lesbian Park Rangers piece. Through the use of mixed media and performance this series intends to look at the scouts as the next generation of queer wilderness adventurers. How would they differ from their queer elders? How would they take the very binary ideals and make a more gender-inclusive troop? How does one intertwine queer ecology with decolonial ways of being/learning? These are just a few of the many questions that The Queer Scouts aims to answer. This project is just as much about re-inventing and queering the scout as it is about satirizing and playing into the pre-existing homoeroticism of scout culture.


Sami Wilson



For this piece, I experimented with animating the opposite of how I would traditionally. Not planning the events of the animation and drawing just what came to mind to reflect my venting process. This work is a reflection of my mental state, disorganized and nonsensical as I spoke and animated words that reflected how I was feeling or stood out to me in the moment.

Sami Wilson

Close your eyes


For this work, I tried to create a more immersive experience that the viewer could involve themselves in. Giving a p.o.v. shot of the sky I found though found footage and strung together found audio to create the ambience of someone laying in a nature filled landscape at night.

Learning Kit & Examination.jpg
Capitalism for the Young Consumer Textbo

Daphnée Perreault

Retailand©’s Learning Kit for the Young Consumer

Upholstered handmade box, customized educational materials with associated stationery products,

13 ̎x 16,5 ̎x 2 ̎.



In commentary to the premature learning of capitalistic ways without actual teaching, the Learning Kit is a satire piece on the ongoing campaign against advertisement targeted to children, exploring their relationship with the commercial world. The kit is composed of common teaching items, q-cards of common definitions, a textbook filled with colourful and appealing advertisements from the 50s to the 70s, and its examination. The Retailand© Serie is an in-progress mixed media series revolving around the experience of childhood through a capitalistic world, with a vintage twist.

Retailand Diptych.jpg

Daphnée Perreault

Retailand© Boy Isle & Retailand© Girl Isle

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas diptych

20 ̎x 16 ̎



Inspired by retro advertisement and product packaging, the Retailand© Isle diptych is a piece on the commodification of children and overarching gender influences. The use of stereotypical gender colour binaries and objects, the figures are associated solely to their gender and devoid of any overarching traits or independence. The distance in exposition highlights gender division as well as the common separation of gendered products in stores. The Retailand© Serie is an in-progress mixed media series revolving around the experience of childhood through a capitalistic world, with a vintage twist.

untouched still.JPG

Daphne Hamm


installation 45”x10” flowers and thread


Expired flowers are threaded together in an installation hung from the ceiling to form the word, “untouched”. A light castes a shadow of the word on to the wall behind the chain of flowers. A video of the flowers and thread being washed accompany the work. Flowers exude an intimate exchange people present to one another, a feeling of connection. The unsellable, expired flowers used in Untouched challenges the intimacy and meaning placed on flowers. These flower become something permeant, extending from their normal ephemeral symbol of connection and intimacy.

Daphne Hamm



variable dimensions and duration, velvet and thread


The artist, wearing a full-length dress of black velvet, requesting the viewer to dip their hands into a tray of corn flour, then engage in a sustained embrace. The gesture, repeated with each willing guest, leaves a collection of handprints on the back of the dress which the approaching participants cannot see as they face the artist. The duration is dependent on the participant willingness to embrace. The dramatic length of the dress hides the hands of the artist, leaving no trace on the participant. As the participates circulate through the space, they can see not only the traces of their touch, but also that the spine of the dress is hand-embroidered with the words, “suddenly, forgotten traces of your touch become a forgotten touch”. The corn flour emulates the traces of the past people that have embraced the artist. The participants are left with dirty hand with their trace spreading outside this performance.


Jean Serutoke

My tender bed


My tender bed ​is a site-specific installation including hand-embroidered pillows with the words ‘tenderly care for me’ on one and ‘i never seem to run out of tenderness for you’ on the other. The quote taken from a letter by Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville-West inspired the piece and through the use of subtle stitch work, this piece intends to emphasize the bed as a place of rest and recovery in an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and intimacy.

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where were you. 4.png

Allister Fraser

Where were you . . . Are you scared


These images were sourced from the website Unsplash, a fair-use image aggregator. Both series are from a larger digital series including  "Know your Place," and "Then What."


I have been collecting ambiguous language-- from media and from my own interactions, that I have experienced as aggressive or confrontational and which, when combined with charged imagery, could amplify that emotional reception. 


I am particularly interested in our shared exposure to media images and language and how our capacity to receive and interpret is affected, depending on our state of mind. 


Kei On Kerwin Lam 

Age of Dismantle


Language provides a unified basis for understanding ideas. Through translation and accent text, the work explores the cultural concept that lies within Hanzi. Through a process of deconstruction and internalization, the sense of meaning fades away slowly. The meaning of each character fails to be represented, as it is examined closely. In the end, the emotion within the structure of the characters is more apparent than the meaning itself. In giving characters relations with several other characters, it seems to be able to navigate complex emotions without any help or understanding within the culture. With that, a time-based poem is constructed.